WOMED INCORPORATED, formerly Biltmore Products Co. Inc. ,specializes in identifying solutions to difficult process problems and supplying the system to address the application.

            Womed Inc. has expertise in water and wastewater treatment, recycle and reuse applications. The latest and most effective technologies are available  to provide the most Efficient-Economical-Environmentally friendly solution. Full range of products to "AWWA" standards and specifications.

             Womed Inc. has proven its capabilities and value to the process industries by providing reliable solutions and equipment to address problems ranging from catalyst separation and recovery - to separating water from gasoline to supplying sterile-sanitary liquid and gas process systems - and even to supplying complete compression and dryer systems.

             Womed Inc. has been assisting the power generation industry by servicing air and gas drying applications ranging from instrument air systems to hydrogen purge systems. Also, the maintenance and service is provided to guarantee dependable operation. Additional application of expertise in areas such as condensate, polishing, start-up, filter de-min and sludge dewatering has been an on-going activity.


             Womed Inc. is a unique blend of engineering expertise and product supplier that enables us to offer conceptual services thru to product specification and supply. The largest percentage of out business has always been on the equipment and service supply side; but as the operations model has changed so we must change to offer "total capabilities" from cradle  to grave.


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